History has proven photography is best practiced through obsessive dedication to the subject matter. The photographer needs to take time and nourish the "decisive moment". Here at Gaffer Photography we are architecture geeks dedicated to collaborating with architects, engineers, designers, and builders. Our methodical style of photography will align with any goal of your marketing team. By considering every detail we construct the perfect set of images for you never delivering a useless image. Our ultimate goal as commercial photographers is to create timeless imagary that will set you apart from your competitors for years to come.


Corey Gaffer Photography
4633 Park Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55407



Corey Gaffer, Principal Photographer

I opened the doors to Gaffer Photography because of the true passion for the spaces we photograph. But, over time I have learned that the clients we get to collaborate with are the true reward. Everyday we are inspired by the wonderful work that has passed in front of our lens. As an apprentice at Hedrich Blessing, a renowned architectural photography firm based in Chicago, I was taught the skills needed to build photographs for architects and designers. Shortly after, I planted my roots in Minneapolis to marry my wife, Caitlin. Together we have enjoyed the collaborative process of growing a small business and working together to achieve the goals of our clients. 


Caitlin Gaffer, Studio Manager

I first started collaborating with Corey in my previous career as an Interior Designer. As a previous client of Gaffer Photography I understand what it is like to be on the consumer side. I am passionate about the human aspect of design and how that can change someones life for the better. Conducting interviews while on set for our film productions has been a highlight. Seeing and hearing the energy/brilliance of our clients is truly special. We strive to bring this human element into our work.


Austin Fassino, Photographer

While working at Surly brewery I was asked by two photographers (Corey and Anthony) to model for an architectural photoshoot as a bartender. Corey soon after asked me to join the Gaffer Photography team as a retoucher and assistant. As a passionate travel and film photographer I have spent time photographing around the world. Over the past 4 years I have found my own path in Architectural and design photography working for clients like Zillow, OGI and HGA. My favorite building I have visited during my travels is La Sagrada Familia, designed by Antoni Gaudi.


Anthony Gilbert, Photographer

I have been an apprentice of Corey Gaffer Photography for the past 5 years. With a passion for portrait and architectural photography. I bring a strong understanding of lighting and human emotion to our studio. I have a passion for architectural photography because of the variety spaces and people that we have the opportunity to photograph. One day we could be acting as a doctor and the next day a brewer.


Luna, Studio Dog

I am named after the moon. I am also the perfect dog model for any photoshoot and I am guaranteed to break your heart. 


Ezra, Studio Cat

My namesake is renowned Architectural Photographer Ezra Stoller. I was rescued by my dad (Corey) while he was on a residential photoshoot.