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I would like to congratulate all of my clients and collegues that have entrusted my services to document their award winning projects. Over the past year I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with a wide breath of clients from all sides of the design community. I am truly grateful for the talented group of designers that have become family to me. All of these projects deserve these awards and I am glad I was taken along for part of the ride. Thank you for the support, trust and being a rockstar at what you do. 


AIA MN Honor Award,  Surly Brewing MSP, HGA Architects and Engineers (HGA)


AIA MN Honor Award, North Hennepin Community College Biosciences & Health Careers Center, Perkins+Will

ASID Residential Model - Minnetonka Modern, Architect: Charlie & Co. Design; Interior Designer: Martha O,Hara Interiors; Builder: John Kramer and Sons

ASID Bedroom Suite- Bridge Street - Interior Designer: Martha O'Hara interiors

AIA MN Honor Award, CHS Field, Design Architect: Snow Kreilich Architects; Firm of Record: Ryan A+E

Jill Murphy - ASID Industry Partner Award

Paul Crosby - AIA Special Award for exceptional Contribution of an organization that operates outside of the filed of architecture who improves the quality of our physical environment. 

I was also able to collaborate with Pete Vondelinde of to create a Cinematic Toast to all of the clients who made the 2015 AIA MN Honor Awards a reality. It was a true pleasure to tour all of these amazing buildings and get an up close view of this years winners. 

Ralph Rapson - Continuing to Inspire

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This summer has been a whirl wind of excitement. As of last week I got married to the most beautiful, talented and supportive bride at the same time we bought our first house. I have also traveled the world to UAE, China and across the US for assignments. While all of this planning, traveling and work was going on I was able to squeeze into my schedule a truly exciting and fully Minnesota Made collaboration.  

As my Wife and I were beginning our search for our first home. We decided to contact my good friend Mike Smith of Forage Modern workshop. Mike is one of those people that is inspiring to be around. Mike literally has his hands in everything. He is a Contractor, Designer, Drummer, Realtor, Entrepreneur and all around geek of design. He is inspired by design on every level. He is someone that literally gets emotional over great architecture. I considered myself a well rounded connoisseur of architectural design but I have nothing on Mike.


By the end of our first meeting with Mike (The Realtor) we were somehow on the topic of Mike (The Drummer's) band, Greycoats. The band often inspired by architecture was working on a new album inspired by the Ralph Rapson, Glass Cube. Needing a music video for a single off of the album Mike brought me in to meet the band and to start the ideation process. The music video would be set at the Rapson Cube. Being an architecturally special place for a music video we brought the idea to Chris Hudson the Editor of Architecture MN. He was in love with the idea and wanted to run it in the magazine. The dream team was now set and the fun could begin.



We started planning with one leisurely day on site at the Cube with Toby Rapson son of the late Ralph Rapson and owner of the Glass Cube. We had 2 days on site. The first day was spent getting still photographs of the space for the article in Architecture MN, a large task to complete in one day. With the help of my assistant and the amazing team from the Greycoats we were able to stage the house, capture some wonderful images and prep for the filming of the music video on day #1. 



That night my assistant Anthony and I got to sleep in the cube. It was one of my top experiences being able to sleep in Ralph Rapson’s bed. Not many people can say they slept in the glass cube and I take it as a great honor that I had the opportunity to do so. I was so excited by this I had to text Chris Hudson bragging to him at 2:00am in the morning. Waking up inside of the glass cube being surrounded by the pristine nature of Wisconsin is one of the most relaxing and inspirational experience I have had. Ralph Rapson created something very special for himself and his family.



The second day was set aside to create the music video for Cleopatra the first single off of Adrift. The whole cast and crew came together to get all of the shots we needed. We pulled off an impossible task in the time we had for the shoot. There were a lot of amazing moments and amazing people on this day working hard together to pull off this video. But the moment I recall the most was right before we called it a wrap. 



Usually at the end of a long day you sit down for the first time since you had breakfast, you are on the verge of being hangry and you recall all that you did on that day. On this particular day I had come to this state the whole cast and crew was standing in front of a Ralph Rapson masterpeice watching in awe as the looped projection mapping transformed the house into something else.  If you don't know what projection mapping is it is the use of projectors and special software to project motion graphics onto any surface. We used 3 projectors for this project and had a loop of graphics going to the song. As the projectors steamed on everyone just enjoyed the show. This moment was very special for me as it was a great conclusion to a couple months of hard work and thought put into this project. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please take a couple minutes and watch the video. 

All the best,